Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year, new month, new post?

I sit here looking at the calendar, and realize that January is half way over.  The moon that was new on New Year's Day is waxing now, and will soon be full.

We dreamed dreams of blogging weekly, EACH, and here it is two weeks later and nary a post.  Oh, life and your way of filling with activities, dreams, and goals.  I've been focusing, of late, on opening a Reiki healing practice out of the yoga studio where I teach.  Spending time with marketing and business planning.  Visioning.  And when I'm not teaching (or working or business developing or taking OMazing weekend workshops or rolling out my own mat), I'm reading.  Reading with a mug of tea.  The crafting and the cooking have been nonexistant and a necessary sideline, respectively.

I've been reading books on spiritual development, on Reiki, on the energy body, on fascial anatomy, on yoga asana, yoga philosophy, yoga teaching and on the Tarot.  I envy you sometimes, being in grad school.  I want to study yoga and ALL the many ways it interacts with the human, the ways it affects our psychology, physiology, anatomy, energy, soul.  I want to know all about neuropeptides and endocrine glands, about synapses, fascia, nadis, meridians, tendons, agonist and antagonist muscle groups, the brain chemistry of anxiety, lungs, diaphragm, breath.  I want to dive into learning about yoga the same way you are diving into spanish literature.  With a one pointed focus, a drishti.

And then last night, I watched the Tudors, drank a beer (ok, it was 2.  I forgot how much I like a good ESB), and then read a romance novel.  It was indulgent and lovely.  I think my Darlin' Man was relieved to see me step off my spiritual high horse, I was too.  But it doesn't stop me from wanting to read an anatomy book this evening.  Maybe I'll accompany it with something a little stronger than tea.  Live a little bit on the wild side.

.... and for you, the semester begins?

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