Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It snowed in Fairbanks...

Sugar maple canopy
... and I spent the afternoon reading in the Arboretum, under a fully green sugar maple, surrounded by red spider lilies, black eyed susans, and the hum of the mass exodus of people from campus in the late afternoon.  It was the first morning that I snagged a cardigan on my way out the door, it still being in the low 60's when I jumped on my bike and headed for the font of knowledge that is the red-brick oasis of UNC.
Red Spider Lily
Not to be confused with Spider Woman
(whose arch-enemies were Morgan le Fay and the Brothers Grimm!)
I've been cooking good things much less than I ought, sister dear, and I'm not sure why.  I spend so much time procrastinating from my mountains of reading that I should be rolling in beautiful platings and multi-ingredient wonders, but it's more likely that I'll get home and sauté some broccoli, or eat left over soup from the weekend.  It's a little sad...  I really do need to do better.  But instead, I spent this last weekend talking about thinking about writing about listening in the L2 classroom, and my gerunds just got the best of me.
The last few weeks (until the last few beautifully glorious days) I was jonesing hard for the touch of Midas that is fall in Fairbanks, trying to convince myself that the night air being perfumed by honeysuckle made up for missing the wash of color that is the transubstantiation of the birches (birch? are we sticking with that?).  That old king is somewhere laughing at my avarice, I know, but it is just so beautiful!  I stopped being jealous though, and it wasn't the snow (just ask my office-mates, they were a little shocked at how much I was longing for it)... it was walking to the library to return a book today, and seeing down the brick path between two buildings a bed of blooming roses, framed by the yellowing leaves of a row of locusts... It's my turn for the best time of the year!
Honeysuckle dreamin'
In celebration, I'm going to go read about fatal jealousy, violation, and defloration.  Because grad school.
Love n stuff.

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